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Upcoming Trainings


We are living through unusual times, but God is working powerfully! Are you walking alongside others who are hurting right now? MultiplyingHope would like to provide you with some simple, effective tools for this time. For more information, read about the initial trainings below and sign up for an introductory session.



Testimonies from the trainings

During the lockdown in Southern Europe, "Sandy" spoke to her neighbors from her balcony to theirs. She had been trying to share with one neighbor for a long time, but finally on this day, she used the listening questions she had just learned in the training. The woman shared her story and "Sandy" was able to pray for her for the first time!

One older pastor in West Africa said, “Lady, you thought you came here to train a group of people, I’m telling you came here to help me with my internal hurts I have been struggling with. In the north of [my country] where we have had so many terrorist attacks, we have many refugees in our town. People are just existing; they do not have life. No one is able to sleep at night. This training has helped me, and I now have a tool to help the people just existing in my town.”

One South Asian refugee said, “We’ve never had teaching like this before, and we like it. We can remember the stories because we do the dramas and talk about it. Our wives need this training, too.” The men all shared the stories, and one man shared them with his uncle. His uncle accepted Jesus and was baptized a few days later.

After childhood trauma that haunted her life, E found amazing progress in her journey through New Hope. She found that she had already forgiven the one who created the trauma but now moved into the forgiveness of those that she felt should have protected her young life. As she sought to put all she had into this healing journey, she kept finding more truth of how God had been with her, like He was with Joseph, through all aspects of her life. She stated that she and her new community had faced questions for years, and her facilitator stepped into her world with New Hope Stories and so many answers. She’d always longed to say, “I was a broken life, and now I am well. Thank you for helping me on this journey of healing. I am determined to do all that is needed to find healing.” 

"This course has shown me in many ways my own trauma or issues that have happened to me in the past and some health issues going on right now.  I have been able to also go through these healing activities and have grown in my understanding that trauma is not just a horrible, massive experience in someone’s life, but is any difficulty that causes pain, stress, hurt, etc.  

In my work, I feel this will very much help me to be better prepared to walk alongside others and to be a better facilitator of more New Hope courses."

"Oh, wow!  What power there is in having a genuinely listening ear!  I have to admit, in the beginning it was hard to stick to only the three questions as the listener.  There is a tendency in many of us to want to nurture/fix our friends who are struggling.  This course really opened my eyes to the need to just listen intently and show compassion and empathy.  I also really appreciated the idea of the three villages.  Man, that was good!  It helped to actually draw that out personally.  I felt as though I could see my own journey with how I have dealt with trials/struggles in the past.  I am encouraged to engage folks (especially since I live in a very diverse ethnic city where immigrants and refugees are the norm) and to help them see that their traumas are REAL and their feelings are validated, but more importantly, that there is HOPE awaiting for each of them…that they don’t have to be 'stuck' in the other 'villages.'" 


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