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Journey into Multiplying Hope

The Crisis in Lebanon


The Problem

The Beirut skyline used to shine with glory. Brightly colored buildings, modern high-rises, and the smiles of two million souls. Now the paint is fading and the skyscrapers are abandoned. Years of revolution, assassination, and economic turmoil have taken their toll. Beirut's newest tragedy stands brooding against the skyline. The wreckage of an explosion at Beirut Port in 2020 remains a symbol of the Lebanese struggle. If there was ever a need for hope and trauma healing--this is it.


"I don't want to be in my country, but I want to be with my people."
~A Citizen

The People

After the explosion, Multiplying Hope began a project in Beirut. The goal: to create reproducing healing groups around the city that would both educate those in pain about dealing with trauma in their daily lives and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. True healing cannot ignore someone's spirituality. 

Today, there are at least 7 groups, out to the third generation. That means the first group has multiplied twice. Each group is led by a local Lebanese, with each new generation producing new leaders.

Watch one of our partners recount her experience of the blast, how Multiplying Hope changed her life, and what God is doing in Beirut today.

Watch the leader of the first male group in Lebanon tell God's unfolding story of trauma healing in his country.

Depression and anxiety didn't stop one woman from leading healing groups.


"I wake up and think: this is not real, this is a dream."
~A Citizen

The Prayer

Our prayer is that existing groups would continue to grow and reproduce across the city of Beirut. Already, God has shown that He is powerful in Lebanon, but the work has just begun. Pray that new leaders-in-training would remain committed to the program. Pray for existing leaders, who are themselves hurting because of the economic crisis in Lebanon. And finally, pray that God would open doors and draw people into His heart as the wounds of a decade of unrest begin to mend.

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