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Multiplying Hope

What you meant for evil, God meant for good. Not just so I might be saved, but for the salvation of many.

...Joseph to his brothers in Genesis


Creating multiplying, emotionally healthy Kingdom communities



Internalizing God's Word in an oral form to transform lives from the inside out




Finding purpose by sharing the comfort we receive from God in order to comfort others


"We are going through very hard things. Betrayal, unforgiveness, hatred: we go through this in our lives, still today. How do we deal with it? We take it to God and He makes it beautiful." ~ Multiplying Hope partner

"My situation didn't change. It's probably getting worse. But inside my heart, there is like a radical change... God knew me so well, even more than I know myself." ~ Multiplying Hope partner

Looking for training opportunities?
Join our next 1-hour introductory session for an online, interactive introduction to MultiplyingHope and to initial training opportunities

Wednesday, September 15, 10am EDT

Saturday, October 16, 10am EDT


Afghan and Ukrainian refugees are streaming into countries around the world. Multiplying Hope is committed to responding to this refugee crisis with trauma-informed strategies.

New Hope News

The latest New Hope translation is out! Latin American Spanish is completed!

Hear how New Hope is impacting lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a peek at how New Hope is operating in Uganda.


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