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The MultiplyingHope Leadership Team--Tricia, Janice, and "Silas"--oversee the administration, vision, training, and new materials development. We're grateful that we have the joy of working together as a team! 

The MultiplyingHope Training Team consists of practitioners in the fields of church planting, trauma counseling, and orality who give their time and hearts to walking alongside our facilitators all over the world. They pray with them, offer on-going training and coaching, and give the Leadership Team input.

The MultiplyingHope Country Coordinators are local partners who oversee the work in their home countries. We currently have two wonderful coordinators--one in North Africa and one in the Middle East.

Envisioned and developed by a group of imb personnel in 2016, the New Hope curriculum had greater impact and scope than any of the team dreamed! We are thankful for the genesis of this ministry within imb, and for the continuing support and partnership. Partnerships like this can be a part of reaching a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation with the healing Good News of Jesus!

Jesus never crushed a bruised person. Instead, he gave hope to everyone (Mt. 12:20). IMB joins with others to offer compassion, help, and hope in Jesus Christ. (Grant Lovejoy, Director of Oral Strategies, imb)

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Life Transitions is a program to help the emotional wellbeing and resilience in refugees. Life Transitions Refugee materials are in use in several places where MultiplyingHope ministries are working.

SRV partners with community leaders to discover the specific needs within the community. By building on existing oral stories we can discover ways of sharing new ideas and establishing projects which can change lives.

SRV partners with MultiplyingHope as it helps train and support local country coordinators in on-going materials development.

Brentwood Baptist Church hosted the first New Hope trainings, provided the first New Hope trainers, and supported the first international New Hope projects. BBC lives beautifully its mission to engage the "whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody." 

Brentwood Baptist Church continues to value and support MultiplyingHope initiatives through trainers, support, and dedicated workers. Real healing and growth happens when lives intersect through shared experiences with God's Word through stories as we all deal with crisis and trauma. (Brett Freemon, Missions Pastor)


As a ministry that walks alongside hurting overseas workers, GapRelief is a well where the living water of Jesus' love never runs dry. GapRelief personnel speak into new materials, provide training and input into MultiplyingHope's vision and on-going mission.

As a community that follows Jesus and tells his story, First Baptist has encouraged MultiplyingHope through its development, even contributing long-term volunteers!

A special thank you to Psy Covert and Luc Stringer for their beautiful work on the MultiplyingHope website and graphics.

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