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Journey into Multiplying Hope

The Unseen North American Crisis


The Problem

We live in the unseen. The forgotten. 332 million souls in the United States of America, caught in the never-ending cycle of a fast-paced western lifestyle. Underneath the veneer of affluence and technological advancement lies a people that are hurting, just like everyone else. Yet so often the lost and wounded are buried in the crowd. MultiplyingHope is a valuable tool for those who seek to break below the surface and connect with the heart of the American people through the local church.

Even in the United States, nearly 80% of the population is oral, meaning their most important information is ultimately transferred through mouth-to-mouth communication. MultiplyingHope's simple Bible storytelling process is just as effective in a digitially-inclined culture. Across the United States, groups meet to share God's Word and heal in community.



This trauma-informed care is for the church. We are not perfect people, but fortunately we serve somebody who is.

~ Alan Murdock, Project Connect

The People

MultiplyingHope partners with churches and organizations to train reproducing, local facilitators. In Nashville, Alan Murdock incorporated healing groups into his existing program. Project Connect, his organization, is committed to reaching the underprivileged and underrepresented in the wider Nashville area. Murdock soon found that healing groups were crucial to his program--and that participants were willing to bring their friends and relatives to a session.

"It just kind of multiplied in that way," Murdock said. "Just desire."


Watch Alan Murdock from Project Connect Nashville talk about how his organization has used trauma-informed strategies from MultiplyingHope.

It is not just Alan. Organizations, Churches, and key individuals are using MultiplyingHope to great effect.

One woman in the southern area of the U.S. took MultiplyingHope and ran. In just a few weeks, she had started nearly a dozen groups with people from all walks of life. She loved it. Not only did she see change in the lives of those in her groups, she was personally impacted by the power of God's word spoken aloud.  

"When you share a story, you relate to that story again," she said. "And each time that I relate to a story, I relate deeper."



"Stories just make more sense to me. I can finally understand the Bible."

~Student at California Baptist University

The Prayer

We pray that one day, North America would be consumed by the all-powerful love of Christ. We pray that facilitators and participants alike would experience a healing that only comes from God, and that they would share that healing with others.

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