Tips For Holding New Hope Sessions Online

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Online New Hope sessions are a new challenge to multiplying healing in our world. Yet, with a little bit of effort and a whole bunch of prayer, God is using these online sessions to transform hearts and minds. Here are some of our top tips for facilitators who find themselves leading online sessions:

Video call etiquette

  • Don’t get on Facebook, email, or other social media while on the video call.

  • Turn off your phone.

  • Keep your video on and fully engage in the call at all times.

  • If possible, sit in a quiet place and ask family members not to interrupt you.

What platform should I use?

  • Facilitators could buy Zoom Pro, which costs around $15 per month. Zoom Pro comes with extra features such as breakout rooms, and there is no time limit for video calls. Participates would not need Zoom Pro to participate in the call.

  • Alternatively, facilitators could use the free version of Zoom. This version has a 40 minute time limit on calls, so facilitators would need to start a new group call every 40 minutes.

  • Facilitators could also use other video conferencing platforms, such as Skype.

Tips for session scheduling using the free version of Zoom

  • Email participants ahead of time with the listening prompt.

  • Instruct listening partners to call each other 15-30 minutes before the group session and use the listening prompts to complete the listening activity together.

  • Start the Zoom session as a group.

  • End the call at or before the 40 minute mark. Try to end the call at a natural breaking point, such as right after an activity. Have participants take a short break or do an activity on their own.

  • Reconvene for the next 40 minute zoom call.

  • At the end of each session, have partners call each other to practice telling each other the story rather than practice during the Zoom call.