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The New Hope Course

The Grove Community is partnering with MultiplyingHope to offer a course on how to care for yourself or people in your life who have been through difficult things in their past.  

Please look around at the MultiplyingHope website and if you have any questions you can contact us through Facebook ( or (@multiplyinghope), or this website using the contact button above. 

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Let's be honest here...

Life has been difficult lately. COVID, lockdowns, rising prices, conflict in Ukraine, and just being alone way too much. But life was also difficult before COVID too; people have been hurting and, honestly, we all need help.

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There is hope!

This course will not only help you find healing from past hurts, but it will equip you to care for people around you. 

Join us on 24 March (at 7 pm) at the Gurnell Grove Community Center to learn more about this course. We are looking forward to seeing you there. 

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