Journey into Multiplying Hope

The Unseen North American Crisis


The Problem

We live in the unseen. The forgotten. 332 million souls in the United States of America, caught in the never-ending cycle of a "civilized" lifestyle. Underneath the veneer of affluence and technological advancement lies a people that are hurting, just like everyone else. Yet so often the lost and wounded are buried in the crowd. MultiplyingHope is a valuable tool for those who seek to break below the surface and connect with the heart of the American people through the local church.


This trauma-informed care is for the church. We are not perfect people, but fortunately we serve somebody who is.

~ Alan Murdock, Project Connect

The People


Watch Alan Murdock from Project Connect Nashville talk about how his organization has used trauma-informed strategies from MultiplyingHope.

Watch the leader of the first male group in Lebanon tell God's unfolding story of trauma healing in his country.

Depression and anxiety didn't stop one woman from leading healing groups.


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~MultiplyingHope Partner

The Prayer